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Free Mind MoviesWelcome to my site!

Hi, my name is Rajesh Watts.  I am an Indian IT professional presently living and working in Singapore.  My beloved wife is with me here in this beautiful tropical island paradise.  In 2008, we were blessed with a son.  It’s such a thrill to be a father, and I must say this is the best time of my life!

My Academic Background

I did my basic education in India and went on to specialize in Electronics and IT.  But I am constantly learning and I did my Masters in Computer Science from University of Wales, UK while working in Singapore.  Over the last few years, I also gained several professional certification including MCP, MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA and CNA.

My Professional Background

My first job was with PUNCOM (Punjab Communications Limited). I worked there for a couple of years before moving to Singapore in February 2000. I met many wonderful people at PUNCOM some of whom I am still in touch with.

In Singapore I started with Chartered Semi Conductor and was there for just five months before joining Baxter Healthcare where I worked for five years and five months. Currently I am working as IT Manager with Singapore Swimming Club, a wonderful place to be! :)

My Hobbies

I love photography, golf and traveling.  Presently my work leaves me little time to indulge in my hobbies, but I’m working at striking a healthy work-play balance.

My Passions

I am passionate about Osho’s meditations, ayurveda and internet marketing.

Thank you for visiting my site. Do leave some comments about my Mind Movie, which is an experiment on the Law of Attraction.


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  • Sabina said:

    Rajesh, You did a great job on the short movie!

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