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My First Major Milestone – CHECK!

6 January 2010

What a bang start to 2010 I’m having!

You will remember that in August 09 I first created my Mind Movie.  In it I put all my dreams and aspirations for the future.  It was about five months on the cook – and now I have some exciting news to share with you!!!

But first let me recap the purpose of this Mind Movie for the benefit of first-time visitors to my site.

Mind Movie is a tool for you to chart your progress in life over an extended period of time.  For my own Mind Movie, I put in all the things which were important to me, including my health, family, friends, charity, travel and meditation.  And I gave some prominence to Finance.

Right from the start I’ve been viewing my Mind Movie on a daily basis – several times a day, in fact.  With the natural Law of Attraction working for me, I was seeing modest results in the achievement of my life goals which I’ll share with you later.

Then in October 2009, I hit a bump in the road.  My mother suffered a heart attack, and I had to fly back to my hometown Chandigarh to be with her.

For the three weeks I was in India, I was not able to work on my Internet Marketing.  But I decided that I would make capital gains at least on my personal and family fronts.  So I took the opportunity to catch up with my relatives and friends.  I also got back in touch with my roots – the food, the people, the places I used to haunt in my growing up days before I came to Singapore to work.

To cut a long story short, my mother recovered brilliantly.  I have to say that my presence by her side gave her the confidence to go through the bypass operation and it all ended well.  And I came back to my present reality in Singapore.

Back in Singapore, I was staring at this huge backlog of work on my desk.  Not only that, I had lost the momentum in my life’s progress.  It seemed to me at that time that my life had ground to a half.  Frankly I was quite depressed.

But intervention (or is it the Law of Attraction at work?) came in the form of this dear friend of mine named Mehul.  He saw that I was mired in my discouragement and called me over to talk.  Mehul knew the financial setbacks I’ve been through and he knew that I needed to get back on an even keel financially.  What he said to me, and perhaps it was also the genuine concern that he showed me, gave me wings.  I somehow found fresh energy to double up on my Internet marketing effort.  And before long I was running on fifth gear!

Some Success and Failures

Now let me share with you the little success and failures in my life’s journey over the last five months or so:

In September I had started doing Yoga exercises almost daily.  But since I came back from Chandigarh I’ve been playing catch-up at the office and have yet to get back to my yoga.  But in intend to get back on track with my yoga very soon.

In November a close friend of mine now living in Australia came down to visit and we had a dance party for him.  I’ve not danced in the last couple of years.  And there I was dancing with an abandon that even surprised me!  I even danced with my year-old son and watched him gurgling with delight!

All the while I’ve been faithfully taking my pH Greens, Alkaline Minerals and Triphala – and quite successfully limited my intake of fast food and sweets.  These little successes are not to be sniffed at – remember tiny drops of water make the mighty ocean!

Some clarification about Mind Movies

At this point, let me clarify some of the things people have been asking me.

First off, do I view my Mind Movie twice everyday?

It is good practice to view your Mind Movie every day – but it is NOT in any way a pre-condition for achieving your life goals.  What is MORE important is for you to visualize your goals as frequently as you can.

To answer the question, I view my own Mind Movie at least once a week.  And to be honest, there was a period of three week when I was too bogged down with work and family issues to view it.

BUT I have been visualizing my dreams faithfully everyday.  You could say during those three-week hiatus, I viewed my Mind Movie without turning the computer on!

Here’s a tip though: focus more on what is important to you at this present point in time.  For me it is about my finances and making money.

Some people are still asking what goes into a Mind Movie.

A Mind Movie is basically a movie you create in your mind about your goals and aspirations for the future.  Roughly half the contents of your Mind Movie should include truism about your present reality; the other half dreams.  Emphasize on your DREAMS.

A valuable lesson picked up

One lesson I picked up in these past weeks is that Charity begins at home.  If we cannot act with charity towards our loved ones, how can we possible act charitably towards the rest of humanity?

When I flew back to look after my mother, I lost out on making money.  But whatever I lost in the financial area, I more than made up with the gains in the area of my personal and family life.  I learned to treasure the time I have with my loved ones.

First Major Milestone achieved … drum rolls

I’ve saved the best for last.

At the point when I created my Mind Movie, I was sure that I wanted to get into Internet Marketing.  The first major milestone I set for myself was to generate $1 a day in Internet income by November 09.  But as I have mentioned, in October I had to rush to India.

After a full month of sustained effort after my India trip and after my meeting with with my friend Mehul, I finally breached the glass ceiling and HIT MY FIRST MAJOR TARGET!!!

I am proud to inform you that I have just hit the level of earning a dollar a day from Internet marketing!!!

Now that this first target is reached, subsequent financial level targets should be easier since I will have momentum on my side.

I hope my own success will spur you on to achieve your own life’s goals using Mind Movies.  I will be sharing my own success stories together with my failures with you regularly on this space – perhaps once every two to three months.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010!

Yours sincerely,


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  • Vincent said:

    Just thrilled to hear of your success!!! This Mind Movie sure is a nifty little tool. But I have no doubt that your success is due in no small measure to your own hard work. I know how you work – so whatever success comes your way, YOU DESERVE IT! Yaaam Sengg! – Vincent

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