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Some hiccups and I’m back on track

10 August 2010

Mind Movies

It’s been a while since I last visited my blog. I was busy with my office work and my Internet marketing projects. To be frank I was not viewing my Mind Movie regularly and neglected my health. This led to cervical problems. Fortunately they are still mild ailments. Things were not moving as planned so I stopped for a while to take stock of my life and I have taken fresh bearings. These are now my priorities:

First HEALTH because as they say, health is wealth. For last couple of months I’ve been tied down to my computer, so much so I developed lower back problems and stiff neck. I also developed minor cervical problem which caused some giddiness. To counter those problems, I started doing my yoga regularly again, concentrating on the exercises related to neck and back; and I’ve been going for massage weekly.

My second area of focus is my FAMILY. Actually I have been spending most of my time outside working hours at home, but I was not able to give quality time to my family because for many days I’ve been sick.

My third area of focus is FINANCE. For the last three months I’ve been inching closer to my third minor milestone of earning $10 per day from Internet. But that goal has proven to be elusive because I’m not able to put in the time needed due to my poor health.

All this forced me to take a hard look at my life and see what was missing. The first thing I realized was that I’m not at the wheels when it comes to time management. I gave in too easily to distractions. I was also spending too much time on non-valued activities. Third, I’m not watching my Mind Movie regularly or at least visualizing it. Starting July, I viewed my my mind movie on regular basis again. The results were immediate. My health started to improve, and I stumbled upon this book titled “4-hour Work Week” written by Timothy Ferriss. I managed to cover only a hundred pages or so but already my productivity almost doubled!

As an aside, someone approached me to ask if I was willing to sell one of my sites and we settled for $xxx.xx. If I include the income from it, I have already achieved my 3rd minor milestone and quite close to 4th minor milestone. Overall things have started improving. I intend to finish reading 4-hour Work Week over the next few days and will take the advice of Mr. Timothy Ferriss seriously. And I’m going to view my Mind Movie regularly. I’m going to monitor the results in the weeks to come and update you on my life’s fortunes again on this space..

Mind Movies


  • Davin said:

    Hello dear friend,

    I have read your blog. Don’t worry you will be alright. Keep doing Affirmation which is…. Day by Day I am getting healthy, Wealthy and Happy. Keep doing this you will be perfectly fine.

    You movie is great. I view it almost every day. I love the music so much. Can you kindly tell me what music is that? I am guessing but not correct. Where can I find this music? I love it so much.

    You will be absolutely fine. Keep doing the affirmation and see your mind movie daily. Don’t under estimate the power of persistent dear friend.

    I will be looking forward for your email soon.

    Take care.



  • free-mind-movie said:

    Sorry dear, some how I missed the notification email when you commented. Today only I noticed the comment. Thanks for your comment.

    After I started watching mind movies again, thing are in better shape. I am going to cut it down to half and more focused.

    For the music it’s Tibetan lullaby “Tibetan Lullaby -Green Tara Mantra, CD” I purchased it from local store in Singapore but I found it here as well http://www.namsebangdzo.com/Tibetan_Lullaby_Green_Tara_Mantra_CD_p/13684.htm


  • Grace said:

    I recently started prolotherapy treatments for my back pain. I think it would help with your cervical concerns. I’ve tried physical therapy, massage, rolfing, acupuncture, working out with a trainer, pilates, yoga…everything, and my back still was weak. I think I finally found something that is going to work miracles in my body! And it’s permanent. I will only need 5 more treatments.

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