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Law of Attraction:

The Secret


Chicken a la Carte


  • Hya said:

    I would like to know more about mind movies as I find it interesting the way they are portrayed to me.

  • Rob and Martine Tanner said:

    e are having a difficult time downloading the free mind movies with this MacBook computer.
    The quick time player does not recognize the format and will not play it once it’s been downloaded.
    The old mind movies were far easier to download and play and we would like
    to buy the Mind Movies 2.1 and once again find it difficult to order or now the price. The PC we have is not working and the windows media player has no sound.
    So where do we go with this?
    What we buy has to be MacBook compatible and easy to create our own mind movies as the old version was far too difficult and did not work on this MacBook.
    What do you suggest?
    Rob and Martine Tanner

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