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What? … Mind Movies Don’t Work!!!?

21 September 2010

Mind Movies

Over the past months, I’ve been receiving notes from people telling me that their Mind Movie didn’t work for them. To be honest I, too, was grappling with similar problems, so I knew what they were talking about. Most of the problems they brought up seemed to centre around the fact that they have stopped watching their Mind Movie. And they had a wide range of excuses for that – no time, too busy, children demanding their attention, lost interest. For a few weeks I immersed myself into the issues and slowly, the solutions began to crystalise. I will share the bits of wisdom I picked up. See if they make sense to you.

To achieve your goals in life you need two things. FIRST, you need the tools. Tools could come in the form of machines to increase your work output – like computers for instance. But they could also be something that elevates your mind to a higher level of thinking. In my case I am using this tool called Mind Movies to keep my goals constantly in front of me and keep me focused. The SECOND thing you need is that old-fashioned thing called “hard work”.

Hard work has never been the problem with me. Besides putting in a full day’s work at the office, I spend up to six hours a day on my Internet Marketing. Ask my wife – she’ll tell you!

My problem (and that of many of my virtual friends’ as well, I found out) is with the Mind Movie. I, too, am fumbling with this new toy and trying to find out how it ticks, and how to make it work for me.

Rethink the length of your Mind-Movie

As I had mentioned, in July I hit a rut. Things were not moving along as quickly as they should, and at the same time I realised I was getting more and more lazy to watch my Mind-Movie.

But why?

It slowly dawned on me that the length was putting me off. You see, when I set out to produce my first Mind Movie, I wanted it to be complete and perfect, so I started adding in more and more details. Before I knew it, my Mind Movie came up to 6 minutes, when Ryan had suggested to keep it to around 3-4 minutes.

So there is wisdom is keeping your Mind Movie short. Because then you can view it more frequently without taxing too much of your time – and patience!

So there you have it, KEEP YOUR MIND MOVIE SHORT – the ideal length is about 3-4 minutes!

My First Major Target Surpassed!

In mid-July after I had cut down the length of my Mind Movie to 4 minutes it started to look fresh to me and since then I have been reviewing it three times a week. I have already posted the new movie on my blog. You can take a look at the old one here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o6J0_NheK0 if you wish to.

Now, until July I was struggling to achieve my minor milestone of earning $300/month from my Internet Marketing. Then in August I hit my first major milestone which is $1000/month!

A coincidence?

My own explanation is that hard work and external tools work hand in hand. I’ve been putting in more or less the same number of hours of work in July as in August. The only difference is that in August I was working more “effortlessly” and with less stress. That’s because visualising my goals in my Mind Movie gave a greater sense of purpose to my labouring. That motivated me and gave me the extra pair of wings.

If, like me, you have been overzealous and created a Mind Movie that is too long, shorten and simplify it and continue to give me your feedback. I’ll catch up with you again!

Mind Movies


  • Hot Alpha Female said:

    Yes, I think you do need the right tools and hard work. Along with hard work I think its important to have daily success habits which condition you to stretch yourself and make the most out of your day. In your Mind Movie you refer to doing mediation daily, this would be a great example of part of a daily success habit. For me I make sure that I fill in my daily success diary, which involves viewing my mind movie, reading along affirmations and acknowledging my successes for the day. Success is a habit, its not something that you can wing, yet I think a lot of people forget about this point.

    Thanks Rajesh!

  • Natalie Priftis said:

    Hey there i jus came across your website after doingn my mind movie & must say love the content alot resonates highly with me !

    Have a great day :-)

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